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According to the American Community Survey 2005, 16 % of the Washington State public had a disability

Disability Rights Washington
315 - 5th Ave South
Suite 850
 Seattle, WA 98104

IME Independant Medical Evaluations in Washington State


Exigere Corporation- 1-206-568-3670


State of Washington, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
612 Woodland Sq lp SE BLDG C Lacey
Olympia, WA 98504







Washington Protection & Advocacy System

Pursuing justice on behalf of people with disabilities on matters related to their human, legal, and civil rights. 

Promoting Dignity, Equality and Self-Determination.

Washington Protection & Advocacy System
315 - Fifth Avenue South, Suite 850
Seattle, WA     98104
*Phone: (206) 324-1521 or in Washington State: (800) 562-2702
TTY:  (206) 957-0728 or in Washington State: (800) 905-0209



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